Walk for Women

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Walk for Women is our monthly initiative to enable women to meet, chat, and explore a different area of Preston each time. It aims to break the barriers of fitness, finance, and anxiety. The walks are short, planned, and checked for transport options, benches and steep sections, toilets and cafe stops.

Step 1: See the walks advertised on and offline

We advertise the walks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email newsletter and Eventbrite – which comes up on search engines too. We sometimes distribute leaflets and posters to local public places and community organisations in Preston. An important aspect is word of mouth and the sharing of the dates among friends on and offline.

Step 2: Register for your chosen walk on Eventbrite

Women don’t have to register to attend the walks, but by registering it helps us learn names and know who is coming.

Step 3: You receive a walk information email a few days before the event

Once registered, you receive information about the location, the walk map, and transport via email. This includes who you will be looking for ie the walk leader. You also then receive the newsletter to keep updated with future events.

Step 4: Attend the free Walk for Women event and find the walk leader!

At the moment the walk leader is me, Leanne, founder of Wonderful Women!

Step 5: After the event

Congratulate yourself for going out there and meeting new people, you’re wonderful woman!

Connect with women you have met and got on with.

Keep an eye on future events via the newsletter or social media

Tell other women about your walk experience

Review the walk on Facebook

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