August Walk for Women – Haslam Park

Women walking and talking and avoiding puddles on the lane outside Haslam Park
Women of all ages join the Walk for Women

Our first Walk for Women happened in August. As a simple, relaxed activity, it aims to break the barriers of fitness and finance. Thank you to the amazing ladies who joined me! We wandered through Haslam Park, along the sculpture trail and Lancaster Canal, before returning through Haslam Nature Reserve.

A group of the women, walking through the Park, photographed by the group behind them
Some of the group, heading through Haslam Park

The sun shone. The scenery was varied. A family of cygnets and parent swan passed by and began a flying lesson in the canal basin. Then we had a (democratically voted-for :D) stop halfway at the Final Whistle cafe for a brew and a natter. It was around 3km walk and I provided a map so the ladies could choose their pace without needing to keep with the group leader.

A swan leads its eight cygnets all in a line under a bridge along the Lancaster Canal
The family of swans are infamous locally, apparently!

Most of the ladies were new to me, who had found out about the walk from social media or search engines online, or via friends and relatives who said they’d join. I introduced a few women to each other based on the snippets of information they’d given me about their interests, and they happily swapped tales and talked interests. It was great to see women of all ages come together over a walk and find common ground.

A swan parent leading six large cygnets in a line
Cygnet swans on the Lancaster Canal!

The nature of our type of group walk:

*Clusters form of women walking at different paces

*The groups alternate as paces change, so everyone naturally talks to a few people without awkwardness

*We walk slower and see things we never noticed before

*There’s room for silence but in a comfortable way

*It’s long enough for exercise but short enough not to be a slog or to be lengthy if women have a busy schedule

The next walk is on Sat 14th September, starting at Avenham Park Pavilion Cafe at 11am and lasts till around 1pm (that’s a 1hour-1h 20 walk then brew stop). Looking forward to seeing you all again ladies, and to meeting new wonderful women.

Two ladies walking by the canal, as part of the August Walk for Women

2 Replies to “August Walk for Women – Haslam Park”

  1. Susan says:

    Hi, looking forward to meeting up with you all (if my anxiety allows) ☺

    • Wonderful_Women says:

      Looking forward to meeting you too, Susan! Hey, whatever works for you. There’ll be a map and you can walk as little or as much as you like. And if this time is not the right time, you can join any time in the future. Leanne

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